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We are the experts you call when a fresh cut yard is not quite pleasing enough to your liking. If you can imagine a beautiful fountain, a perfectly placed waterfall or an exotic fish pond in your backyard, we are here for you. We offer custom landscaping in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Actually the whole state of North Carolina is our backyard. 


Our specialities


  • Urban Vegetable and Fruit Gardens
  • Small Utility Tractor Services
  • Accent Lighting
  • Fountains, Ponds and Waterfalls
  • Hardscapes
  • Softscapes
  • And more...

Our website is still under construction. Come back to visit us often as updates are posted daily. 


Urban Gardening


Many people believe that they can’t grow their own food or any type of garden because they lack adequate gardening space. You can actually grow more than you realize in really small areas (either it's using a hanging basket or a small plot of land around your home) as long as they get some direct sunlight. In any case, whether you have a concrete sidewalk behind your house, a fire escape outside your window, or a small balcony, your urban garden can be a success

Exotic Fish Pond Construction


A fish pond is a beutiful addition to any home. We ask you a number of questions before we begin construction so that we can advise you of what commitment your new pond will consist of. We educate you on pond maintenance, water conservation and even energy efficiency. 

Ornamental fountain installation


Got a spot in your garden leaving you befuddled about what to put there? Maybe it’s a shady spot where grass struggles to grow. Or is it that area between the front sidewalk and garage where you’d like to create something unique. Rather than opt for the standard everyday shrub, tuck a bubbling urn in that cozy corner to welcome guests with the enchanted sound of gently splashing water. 



Upscale Landscape Scenes and Beds


If you've ever looked out into your yard and pictured perfectly placed rocks, shrubs, brick borders, and mulch. We can bring that ide into a reality. Give us a call and we'll make your finished project look almost as unique as your own fingerprint.



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